The dreaded New Year's Resolutions - fixed!

Posted by Rebecca Bullock on

I always start every New Year with a feeling of a clean slate. It just sort of washes over me after a period of festive relaxation. I plan for the year, deciding what I'd like to achieve. Then I get silly. I don't know why I do it! Suddenly, I'm going to lose 2 stone, run a marathon, master the art of calligraphy, learn Spanish, Italian and Mandarin and save eleventy billion pounds every month.

Last year, I read an article that changed all this. I now make sensible, achievable resolutions that can be ticked off and marked as done. Here's how. Choose things that you really would like to do, that are reasonable and that can be completed in a month. Decide one for every month. Mark them on the calendar, and tick off as you go.

For example, in the month of January, I will finish painting my lounge and dining room. It's a really simple task, that can be completed in the time frame. It almost seems like it's too small a task to choose. But, it will make our living space more enjoyable. For me, there's no better feeling than having a haven you can relax in at home. Once it's done, our whole family will reap the benefits.

Simple resolutions. Get them done. Revel in the achievement. Simple stuff really.

I'd love to hear about your plans for the New Year - do tell!

Oh, and here's a picture of the plates I have displayed in my dining room - it brightened the space as soon as I put them up!


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