Tuscan China - some beautiful patterns and shapes!

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I thought over the coming weeks I might share some of my favourite china makers with you - starting with Tuscan. Tuscan china was run by the Plant family between 1898 and 1966. In 1966, Tuscan china was taken over by Wedgwood and became known as Royal Tuscan.

Tuscan china comes in many, many different patterns. However, there are a few shapes and styles that are instantly recognisable from a distance.

Here are some images taken from Pinterest - I have a board entitled "Tuscan China" which contains all the backlinks should you wish to follow them. Notice how the shape of the cup and the handle is the same across them all. The design of each piece is simply stunning - far more intricate and detailed than many other china makers.


This is just one example of a shape that was used a lot in the making of Tuscan China. Another of my favourite shapes, is an art deco style with a more angular handle.


Again, the detail and finish is, in my opinion, second to none. We also have some of our own Tuscan china in our online shop at the moment - lovely pink and some partly Tuscan mismatch trios. If I were to get married again, I'd love a wedding with vintage Tuscan for each place setting. Yes please!


So guys, what's your favourite make of china? Please do let me know!

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  • Hi Bex, I came upon your page, (which is so beautifully done,) while searching for a particular Tuscan trio, I had fallen in love with, in another on-line store but could not afford. (It’s the beautiful pink and green art deco one above, in your picture with the set of 6 trios, sugar, milk and serving plate.) Yesterday, the one at the other shop came on sale, down to a price I could almost afford. It’s my birthday in two weeks, so I thought I’d try and make arrangements, the next day, for a friend to chip in, to help me buy it, as a birthday present. I was so confident that it was my destiny to have it, that I went to bed without making the purchase. Today I found it sold. I would only confess this, to fellow china-lover which I can clearly, see you are but I am absolutely HEARTBROKEN! (Oh dear. That doesn’t make me a weirdo, does it?) Anyway, I thought, as the long-shot of all long-shots, I would contact you and see if you had a secret source, who might have one for sale, or if, by any chance, you’d be interested in selling one, from your own collection, (assuming you do have one.) Forgive me; I know this is a bit unorthodox but I was so crushed; I had to try something. All the best with your lovely page and china-mania, Yvette x

    Yvette Johansson on

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