Have you got your walrus?

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We wanted to ask you an important question - have you got your walrus?

I'll explain what I mean with a little anecdote. Once, I had a customer in the shop who made some interesting comments about our stock. She wandered round our painted furniture and said:

"Painted furniture is everywhere now, isn't it?"

I was inclined to agree. There has been a huge increase in the amount of people selling painted furniture. She continued her browsing, stopping at a display of pretty vintage china.

"Vintage china is all in fashion now, isn't it? It's everywhere!"

Again, I agreed. China is very in vogue at the moment and many people sell it. The lady continued her shopping, stopping at the Everlong Paint display.

"Everybody sells furniture paint these days - there's so many brands of paint."

Of course, the lady was not wrong. There are many brands of paint out there. I explained that Everlong Paint differs from other paints as there's no need to wax afterwards. We had a lovely chat about the colours and she admired a dresser painted in Everlong's Lady Grey. Then, rather abruptly, she turned and left, stopping only to say:

"Your business will never succeed - there's too many people out there doing the same thing as you."

As I sat, a touch bewildered, I thought about what she'd said. I'm not going to pretend that we're the only people doing what we do. We are, however, the only people who do it The White Robin  way. We pride ourselves on good customer service. We're human - we don't always achieve perfection, but we try our damnedest every day and we work to rectify mistakes quickly and efficiently. We'll do pretty much anything for our customers.

Below, we've outlined some of the services we offer free of charge to our customers. So many people, upon finding these services, wish they'd known about them sooner. (I'm getting to the walrus, promise!)

  • Did you know that we have an eBook available on our online store? It shares with you a ton of hints and tips for using Everlong paint. "How much is it?" I hear you cry. It's free, by the way.
  • We have a YouTube channel that shares lots of hints and tips for using Everlong - do pop along and have a look!
  • We also run a free Facebook group where users of Everlong Paint can share inspiration and ask questions - we'd love to see you there too. Please let us know if we can help in any way.
  • All first time orders of Everlong Paint, brushes or One Coat Sealer automatically get a free colour chart included in their order. For those customers that wish to own a colour chart before purchasing can collect one from our shop or can buy one online.
  • We're now offering next working day delivery with Parcelforce 24, costing £8. You can add as much as you like to your basket and we won't charge you a penny more postage up to 30kg. Cool, right! Just order before 10am to ensure your order gets sent the same day. Cheaper postage rates are available for smaller items.
  • Did you know that we offer a finding service? For example, a customer recently bought a stunning 21 piece Shelley tea set and wanted some dinner plates that would co-ordinate nicely. We're sorting that for her.

I really wanted to share this with you all to make sure that you're all getting the very best value from us. This is the point where I'd really like your help - what else can we do to offer better service? We welcome suggestions and have made several improvements already, but we'd like to make more.

Perhaps you'd like a video demo of an Everlong Paint technique. Perhaps you'd like advice on paint colours. Maybe all you really want is a juvenile drawing of a walrus included in your next order.

See, I was getting there! Have you got your walrus?





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  • Walrus was worth waiting for! xx

    Angie Golding on
  • Thankyou Vintage59 xx

    Bex @ The White Robin on
  • this post made me smile well written xx

    vintage59 on

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