GDPR Statement by The White Robin

GDPR statement for The White Robin (Rachel Kerry and Rebecca Bullock)

The types of data we hold are as follows:

  • Email addresses of those people who have either signed up to our newsletter, opted in to email marketing, made an order on or shared it with us in order to receive a PayPal invoice. We hold those email addresses on our website, in PayPal and in Soundest, the provider of our email marketing service.
  • Customer addresses and phone numbers are shared with The White Robin by PayPal upon the payment of an invoice: we are capable of accessing these addresses and/or phone numbers by logging into PayPal and viewing transaction history. Similarly, if you have purchased a product from our website in the past, your data is stored securely on an ongoing basis by us via Shopify.
  • Any data you have willingly shared with us on social media channels, such as Facebook or Instagram, is stored there and is accessible by us.


The data that we hold as indicated above is only shared between ourselves (Rachel Kerry and Rebecca Bullock) for the purposes of email marketing, sending invoices and posting parcels. We keep personal data in the following places: PayPal, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, emails, text messages, eBay, Etsy, Vinterior and Soundest.

Rachel Kerry and Rebecca Bullock are jointly responsible Data Protection Officers. In the unlikely event that there is ever a breach of our customer data, you (the customer) will be immediately notified. This only applies to customers that have shared relevant data with us. Additionally, should a breach occur, the local authority would also be informed. Should you, the customer, wish to access the personal data that is held by The White Robin, a request can be made via email, Facebook, phone call, text message, website enquiry form, Instagram or in person at our place of work. Data that we hold can be edited and updated via any of the aforementioned methods. Customers can request deletion of their data at any time.